Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lets Compare with your Credit Cards

Now, I want to Talk about Credit Cards that issued by Mandiri Bank in Indonesia
Lets Compare with your credit cards, and then make your own choice.

(I will give you another credit cards offering information from several Banks, and please give your comment and rating)

Accepted Around the World

You can use your Bank Mandiri Visa Card wherever you see a VISA logo in fact at over 22 million locations around the world.

No Collateral Needed

You don`t need to deposit funds in your account as collateral in order to own a Mandiri Visa Card. All you have to do is fill out an application form and fulfil the administrative requirements.

Easy and Flexible

You can flexibly arrange your monthly payment for the credit card, with the minimum payment of 5 % of the bill or Rp 50.000,- (depends on which is greater)

Lower Membership Fee

You are not charged for yearly fee. Mandiri Visa Credit Card only charge you for monthly fee of Rp 25.000,- for Gold Card, and Rp 12.500,- for Silver Card during the first year started since you receive the credit card.

Cash Withdrawal

You can withdraw cash/cash advance with your Mandiri Visa credit card in 500.000 ATM with VISA/PLUS logo.

Mandiri Protection

Owner of Mandiri Visa get protection only by paying premi as much as 0,49% from indept account from every bill, so You and your heritage will be protected from the obligation to pay all the bill when you pass away of permanently disabled.

Mandiri Travel Insurance

Everytime you buy ticket for travelling with Mandiri Visa credit card, youyou`re your family will directly covered by Mandiri Travel Insurance which is premium-free. Total or maximum protection is Rp 200.000.000,- for Mandiri Visa Silver owner and Rp 400.000.000 for Mandiri Visa Gold owner.

Belanja Mandiri

Take advantage of various offers from 'Belanja Mandiri' shopping catalogue for exclusive products and numerous discount from hotel, restaurant and holiday packages.

Airport Lounge Facility

If you own Mandiri Visa Gold card you will enjoy Airport Lounge Facility in 15 airport in capital cities in Indonesia.

Mandiri Visa 24-hours Phone Service

Take advantage of Mandiri Visa 24-hours Phone Service to get information you need about Mandiri Visa Credit Card through Call Mandiri (021) 5299-7777. Our Officer will gladly help you

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