Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Percepat download anda dengan Internet download Manager

Ya, gak mau banyak cerita, percepat komputer anda untuk mendownload semua yang anda inginkan dengan IDM, internet download manager.

Nah, ini screen shoot nya

Klo mau donlot sekarang juga, ini link nya [sekalian ada cracknya], bila kurang jelas tinggalkan di kolom komentar ya !!

ini Link nya untuk donlot IDM :

Nonton TV Seluruh Dunia di Internet tanpa perangkat Tambahan

Kemaren saya surfing surfing nyari obat ngantuk, eh saya dapat blog yang bagus dan mendapatkan sopwer/ software untuk bisa menikmati acara TV yang tersedia di seluruh Dunia !!! Yang benar ??? Jawab saya = "BENAR, dan saya sudah membuktikannya"

Hal yang terpenting adalah kecepatan jaringan LAN anda [bila anda di kantor] dan juga kecepatan akses internet anda.

Program ini/ software ini cukup di install dan kemudian kita update chanel TV seluruh dunia, Jalan !! dan gak perlu hardware atau perangkat tambahan yang harus anda beli atau pasang, gak perlu antena ataupun parabola!!

Saya mencoba, untuk tayangan TV FNN jepang dapat dengan mudah dan bagus saya tangkap dengan kecepatan akses dari tempat saya!!

masih penasaran?? ini dia screen shootnya.

mau download programnya? silakan menuju langsung kesini

Moga membantu.!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Finally, Matched dot co dot uk Closed !!

For about 3 minutes ago I got e fresh letter from one of my moneymaker.

this is their letter !! :


It is with much regret that we announce that has closed.

Matched has been running as a beta experiment for some time and, after much careful consideration, it has been decided not to progress the project to the next stage.

As a result, Matched will not be accepting new sign-ups and will no longer be assigning adverts to its current publisher base.

If you completed your last payment run before November 19th 2008, you will still be paid, but please note that no future payments will be made after this. Therefore, we recommend that you remove any Matched ads from your websites.

Thank you very much for being part of the experience and we wish you the best of luck for the future success of your websites.


Have you any idea to get a new money maker again, beside that one and this one??

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir said about Bali Bom, Amrozi and the Bomber gang??

Do you know, what the former leader of MMI [majelis mujahidin Indonesia] said about Bali Bom, Amrozi and Imam Samudra??, Watch this video below. [embeded from]

Now Paypal Speak in my Language !!!

Yup, now paypal speak in my own language,Bahasa Indonesian !!

When I want to log in to my paypal account, I found the message above pay

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finally, Indonesian Goverment lower the Gasoline Price

Finally, Indonesian Goverment lower the Gasoline Price for IDR 500,- each liter.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

any idea to host picture since my photobucket got its limits??

I will move all my photo and picture from photobucket account since I got this unexpected problem " monthly bandwith exceeded" and all my picture dissapear from my blog and appear this image : PLEASE UPGRADE YOUR ACCOUNT TO PRO !!

Now, you can send attachment up to 20 MB ( megabytes) with gmail !! Have you move to gmail?

After log in to my gmail account, I found this interesting one:

With Gmail, you can send and receive messages up to 20 megabytes (MB) in size. However, the precise amount allowable will depend on the attachment.

When you add an attachment, the size of a file may increase because transport encodings are automatically added. (Transport encodings are the information that allows your message to be safely sent and read.)

This means that in some cases, attachments that are 17 to 20MB in size may push the total message size above 20MB. When this happens, Gmail displays a warning that your message exceeds the 20MB limit.

Please note that you may not be able to send larger attachments to contacts who use other email services with smaller attachment limits. If your attachment bounces, you should invite them to Gmail.

Saturday, November 1, 2008