Monday, September 8, 2008

Time for Relax and Playing a Game

Bored with the ordinary game, try this game and get the difference.
Play a game with flop turn River dot com today and get the deals. They offer best deal in this game, a poker game. What’s that? Let see what they said below:
“If you sign up to Poker Stars, use our PokerStars Marketing Code of "flopturnriver" and you'll receive our exclusive 150% deposit bonus, up to $75! This is the absolute largest bonus available from PokerStars. How this works is that in addition to the 100% up to $50 deposit bonus offered, you will be given an extra $25 bonus once you earn 100 FPPs! (This is very easy to earn.) This is a special bonus not available from PokerStars directly! In addition to the improved initial deposit bonus, you will also be granted access to our exclusive Poker Stars events, including our online poker league, the FTR Gauntlet!”

To get the bonus above, you only need to sign up and complete the signing up process.
And don’t forget to use their PokerStars Bonus Code when you deposit for your account.
Need complete information about these hot deals and want more about their bonus and their Full Tilt referral code program? You invited to come to their online game website, and get the entire bonus.

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