Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New way to Get Roommates, and Flat shares

I think this cool work to gather thousands of data about flats, apartments, rooms, and house to be in a simple click. And also, this work really helpful for student who wants to get their roommates or their newest place from their school or university.

When I try to find the roommates and flat shares and apartment rentals, I found this website: roomster.net. Honestly, although their website is simple, but effective and run fast. That place provide lists of roommates, flat shares, rental and apartments and also house to let in a complete way. And I must give my appreciation for their free service of all their work. It means that all the owner of apartments, flat or room that will be rent or shared just only sign up and share their information. If you have planned to get your scholarship in UK or US, you will be help by their complete list.

Finally, I must give two thumbs up for their work, which provide full complete information about roommates, flat shares, apartments, rentals, flat to let and sublets for wide area, including Canada, US and The UK. It will be great if their coverage will be covering more regions.

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