Thursday, June 12, 2008

everyday, The death peep us!


One of my uncle’s son died because of his illness. A fatal kidney matter force him to go to the cemetary.

and sadly, one of his brother, who tried to go to hospital after his death to pay all the hospital charges, got accident last night.

I must go home today and going to hospital tomorrow. My work place is in the south of Jakarta, and my small region is about 700 kilometres far from this busy town.
A huge thing that captured from this matter is: everyday, everytime, all of us just counted by death. And we never know, when we die.
Just ALLOH know, when, how and where we will die, and go to the cemetary.
I also never know, that maybe today, tomorrow, next 2 hour or 3 hour or maybe next month will die also, and leave this suck blog with all of its dirty thing inside.

So, why we dont prepare ourself to face this death. make a useful thing and share to the other.

Let’s to make a better live

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